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Here's what a typical restoration project might involve.
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Based in the Malibu of Ireland, (more commonly known as Spanish Point, Co. Clare), we are a small family business specialising in the full restoration, rebuilding and servicing of MGs, Triumphs, Fords, Jaguar, Toyota, Alfa Romeo Porsche, Mercedes Benz, Mini *deep breath* aaaaand many more classic sports cars. You name it, we can Google it.

We've been working on classic cars for almost too long now, what we don't know! Based in probably the largest dedicated classic car garage in Ireland, we undertake all restoration work, large or small. From baby rust repairs right through to complete restoration projects. We carry out sand & bead blasting, rust treatment and also under-body and cavity wax sealing.

With backgrounds in Design and Engineering (proper fancy honours degrees too I'll have you know. None of this "I can mix cement so I'm basically a Civil Engineer type thing"), we'll not only make your machine work well, but my word will it look good. It's a bit beyond the ol' lick of paint be grand jobs! Basically, we like to make ugly things pretty... What can I say - We're shallow people. P.S. our favourite jobs are concours and custom builds, just saying...

But look, you’ve got this far on your own so go and have a snoop around our website. You can find out a bit more about us here or do some tapping/clicking on the top menu and you’re laughing. There's plenty of reading on here - advice, tips, values... oh we also have a Garage Blog, it's pretty much a public diary where you can find out what we've been up to each week, and see what's upcoming in the world of Lyons Garages. Here's our latest one to save you from clicking, it's called The Process - it's basically how we do what we do. You'll enjoy it.

You can find all the latest images and things from our garage on most social medias. Facebook, Instagram, YouTube - you know, the big ones.

Don't hesitate to contact us either by email, the hello phone, or even smoke signals. We've recently updated our reception area to be able to handle telegrams too. Looking forward to hearing from you. Mind yourself.

Our Morse Code is a bit rusty, but you can still phone or email.  Contact Us

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Social Media? Check. We're on le Facebook and el Instagram. But why stop there? We've even got Twitter and LinkedIn. I know, I know - we're pretty cool.