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Hello there! You caught me off guard, I was just making tea. 

Where were we... Ah yes! Pricing and valuing of classic cars. Everyone knows that the second you drive your brand new car off the forecourt, it has already lost some of its value. Classic cars are a little different though. The value of the car will normally go up as the car gets older. In fact, there is even a rule of thumb that states: "Top goes down, price goes up".

When you're about to embark on a restoration, you need to consider not only the cost of the parts needed but also the fact that in many cases, you really won't get your money back on the car. There's no point beating around the bush here, the majority of the time a classic is the second car, basically just a grown up's toy for the summer and not a money maker.

Here is a handy tool that can help value your car: Hagerty Valuation Tool

'So why are you telling me this?' Is probably what you're screaming at your laptop, phone or dog. Great question. Smart as well as beautiful. Wink wink.

Well, our aim is to restore cars to as high as possible a standard so that it increases their value and reduces/eliminates the need for future work on the car. Not to blow our own tuba or anything, but we're proud of the great work we do here in our garage. As a result, we won't undertake any quick fix jobs, and to be honest - we're not even sorry!


Each car is different so we like to see the car with all its defects in either person or in photos, to give a true estimate of the cost. 

So, how do we work?

We start with taking an initial deposit following an agreement of the work to be carried out. At the end of every two weeks we will send out an invoice which details the parts fitted, the labour carried out and the consumables used.

Along with each invoice, we send out a video to show the work that has been completed and showing what the next stage will be to ensure transparency and reassure the owner on the standard of work that is being carried out.

Whenever new parts are needed the owner will be informed of what parts are needed and where they will be fitted. These will need to be prepaid before any order is placed.

We have a set hourly rate and will always give you the best value for money on parts or replacement panels. Please, please, please keep in mind that this is a slow process, replacement parts can be very expensive, but in the end, when the cover is pulled off your as-new classic car in that slow-motion montage, you'll realise that it was all worth it in the end. 

If you haven't been scared off, are sure that you are ready to invest in a piece of art, and would like to know more about getting your car restored, whether it be show standard or for an everyday car, just give us a shout - phone or email is probably your best option. We had to give up on the smoke signals, the weather is just too bad... Don't even get me started on carrier pidgeons!

Our Morse Code is a bit rusty, but you can still phone or email.  Contact Us

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