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We know we know, its taken too long to update this and you’ve struggled to survive and find some other ways to entertain yourselves… but here it is! Relax and enjoy!

Finally the weather is getting better and it’s getting brighter… the garage doors can stay open for longer than five minutes! Disappointing week on the Cheltenham front though... shouldn’t have tried to go for so many accumulators. There’s always one. Annie Power I’m looking at you!

So we headed to the RIAC National Classic Car Show in the RDS a couple of weekends ago, unfortunately our new slick stand wasn’t ready in time but we should be good to go for the summer. There were some incredibly valuable cars on display, from Rolls-Royces to a gorgeous Lamborghini Miura. It’s a pity that they are changing to be a bi-annual event after this year’s effort – the turnout was fantastic. You can check out some of the photos we took of the day right here. Unfortunately no real auto jumble worth talking about, but we’re looking forward to the upcoming Restoration Show in England.

At the garage it feels a bit like Christmas, writing out parts lists and still getting the same buzz from the opening the delivery boxes! We have three Minis nearing completion, with another few cars of various makes on the way, and some work on the garage itself, its going to be a very busy but fairly exciting couple of months ahead. Hopefully I’ll find some time to fit in a tan as well! Summer is my favourite day of the year in Ireland.

A 1981Mini 1000 has been added to our gallery showing its current restoration, so go have a look… you’ve come this far so you might as well! As always we’ll keep updating as we go.

We have a Morris Minor that has sat in our garage for years and years….and years, so its time that something was done with it. So equipped with a pen, notebook and coffee a parts list was drawn up. Expect some photos fairly soon!

We also said farewell to our Mini Sidewalk as it headed off on its journey to Galway. You can have a look at the finished photos here. Must find something to replace it now… I’ve been looking at a Ferarri 250 GTO kit based on a Porsche… Or else customising an MGB Roadster shell that we have…Hmm..

Must go, there really isn’t enough hours in the day.

Keep an eye on the LyonsGarages Facebook page, we’ll try and keep you entertained there while we slave away here in the garage and work on the next post!

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