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I suppose the weather hasn’t been what we’d hoped for. I know from speaking to other people that they’re still buying the fake tan in July. Other people… that stuff wouldn’t be for me at all. I’m naturally sallow.

But with cold weather comes a great excuse for the lads in the garage to work harder. It’ll keep them warm like. Their happiness is my only concern…

C’mere, let’s be serious for a second.

Jeez, that second there was nearly too long to be serious for. It’s really not for me lads, not for me. No but no... but really, I’ll have to be serious. Don’t worry, I’m not giving out to you, so you’re off the hook. I need to tell you about our garage and the fact that we have a few jobs available for people.

I can’t do it all so we need people straight away for body work, spraying and mechanical work. So if you know somebody who loves classic cars, has some garage/body shop experience or would like to learn more, give us a call or send us a pigeon.

Full and part time work is available now. All employees get a company car of their choice. Scale 1:18… Unfortunately our graduate programme won’t be open till next year. But sure look, get in contact with us anyways.

Big week this week lads, big week. Many cars are getting covered in paint, and many more are being buffed, polished and waxed. No, not waxed because it’s summer (August still counts), but waxed to protect the paint.

We’ve got an MGB Roadster in Tartan Red, a MG Midget… sorry, MG Little Person in Racing Green, and then in our rebuilding department - a Cooper, a 70’s Mini and a Traveller all being put back together, with plenty more on the way.

I haven’t even mentioned the de-seamed Mini, the convertible Mini, two MGB Roadsters and two MGA Roadsters… Well, I suppose I have now.

Pictures and photos are up on all of the pages – Facebook, Instagram and I suppose this site too. Also, big news! We’re going to be in a magazine. I’ll give the lads that day off, might be too stressful for them to get their photos taken with the cars…

Daily tours around the garage are starting now, although I’d bring a change of clothes. You might get asked to help out.

All the best lads, I must go finish this coffee.

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