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I’ve run out of TV shows so I said I better write something to keep you updated on how things are looking in the garage! It's been a while so we've surely done a bit right? You're damn right son! If you saw the amount of Easter Eggs we got through... well, the amount I got through - the lads have to work like.
Apart from eggs, we’ve increased the workforce so things do be getting done. God bless the hard work and all that, but the busy-ness has definitely picked up. There’ll be no more dossing off home before 7pm… I might even have to chip in. Feck sake like!


Lyons Garages Restoration


It’s about time that Spring got here, I thought for ages it was just around the corner but it’s really only after appearing in the last couple of days. I know I definitely got so excited that I wet my plants.

A Triumph Spitfire arrived into the garage recently; the plans so far should make for a top top car. Progress has been made again on the de-seamed and customised Mini – it’s been tough to get time to work on it, but we’re hoping for a Summer reveal date pg. The plan is to have a decent stand in Terenure come the Summer… and sure if the cars aren’t finished we’ll call them works in progress wink wink.


MGA Engine


I was in the shop yesterday at lunch and I kept trying to buy one of those grocery dividers, but the lady at the till kept putting it back.

Let’s see, the roll call in the garage currently stands at three MG A Roadsters, three MG B Roadsters, three Minis, one Mini Estate, one Triumph Spitfire, one Jaguar MKII, one Austin Maxi, one white cat and one cup of tea that’s going cold…

So that’s lunch mates! Feel free to get in touch via Facebook, email, hello phone, pigeon... whatever! But for now I’m off. Say hi to the family for me.

As is tradish, you’ll find ALL of the social medias (you know – Facebook and Instagram) have been updated with some new photos, the website is next and then we’ll get cracking on LinkedIn so make sure to give us a sympathy follow. Thanks, you’re the best xoxo

I suppose the weather hasn’t been what we’d hoped for. I know from speaking to other people that they’re still buying the fake tan in July. Other people… that stuff wouldn’t be for me at all. I’m naturally sallow.

But with cold weather comes a great excuse for the lads in the garage to work harder. It’ll keep them warm like. Their happiness is my only concern…

C’mere, let’s be serious for a second.

Jeez, that second there was nearly too long to be serious for. It’s really not for me lads, not for me. No but no... but really, I’ll have to be serious. Don’t worry, I’m not giving out to you, so you’re off the hook. I need to tell you about our garage and the fact that we have a few jobs available for people.

I can’t do it all so we need people straight away for body work, spraying and mechanical work. So if you know somebody who loves classic cars, has some garage/body shop experience or would like to learn more, give us a call or send us a pigeon.

Full and part time work is available now. All employees get a company car of their choice. Scale 1:18… Unfortunately our graduate programme won’t be open till next year. But sure look, get in contact with us anyways.

Big week this week lads, big week. Many cars are getting covered in paint, and many more are being buffed, polished and waxed. No, not waxed because it’s summer (August still counts), but waxed to protect the paint.

We’ve got an MGB Roadster in Tartan Red, a MG Midget… sorry, MG Little Person in Racing Green, and then in our rebuilding department - a Cooper, a 70’s Mini and a Traveller all being put back together, with plenty more on the way.

I haven’t even mentioned the de-seamed Mini, the convertible Mini, two MGB Roadsters and two MGA Roadsters… Well, I suppose I have now.

Pictures and photos are up on all of the pages – Facebook, Instagram and I suppose this site too. Also, big news! We’re going to be in a magazine. I’ll give the lads that day off, might be too stressful for them to get their photos taken with the cars…

Daily tours around the garage are starting now, although I’d bring a change of clothes. You might get asked to help out.

All the best lads, I must go finish this coffee.

The last couple of months have disappeared faster than my old fashioned cocktails. I’ll tell you what lads, it’s great to have a few fellas around to do all the work. Leaves me plenty of time to work on the important things… like my tan, and what car I’d like next.

I joke, I joke. Sure nothing would get done if I wasn’t here. Couldn’t leave the lads in the garage for a second. They’d be off making tea at 11am and then heading off for lunch at 1pm. They’re lucky I’m here to act as sheriff. Actually, you’re right, police jokes aren’t funny. I’ll give it arrest.

Anyways, thanks for coming, I suppose I better tell everyone what we’ve been up to! You’d nearly think we’ve gone off the radar because of the tax man or something. Ha. Ha. *cough

No, no. Everyone knows that we’re pretty much in exam season, so what better time was there to do some… tests! I know right? We were testing out new colours and designs for a few cars, but I promise I’ll give more on that later. Trust me, sure I never lie.

In the garage, things are looking well and the work is tipping 90. At times, it might have even tipped 92. We’ve got a red MGB Roadster shell awaiting some paint, thinking metallic red with a biscuit interior or metallic grey with a wine interior?

Plenty of minis just awaiting paint as well, as well as our own de-seamed mini. It’s going to have a sunroof, custom rear lights… we like subtle changes in design. Since you last visited a couple of MG’s have passed through, and even a convertible Mini. Busy times! As Spiderman’s Uncle Ben once said, “With bigger garage, comes great responsibility”.

Le Facebook page has been updated, and I remembered the password for el Intstagram so I threw up a picture or two. I won’t tell you how many, I’d only ruin the surprise.

I was asked what the busiest month of the year will be… I said “It’s gonna be May”. It’s like how boybands sing the word me. So that’s why it’s funny. Gettit? Gawd lads, if I have to explain all of my jokes.

Oh! Did I even tell ye about the new garage?! So we’ve now got dedicated areas for stripping out cars, bodywork, mechanical work, a new HUGE spray booth, polishing and area for rebuilding. The lads keep asking for a place to eat their lunch. They’re gas!

I’m keeping this short and sweet like a donkey’s gallop as we’re our traditional flat out here. But photos will keep going up as usual. Mind yourself there now, big few weeks ahead.

I was there struggling with the seatbelt this morning when suddenly it clicked – The blog, I nearly forgot about the blog! Nearly never milked a cow though, so here I am like a discounted escort – here to give you more bang for your buck.

What have we been up to since Christmas I’ve heard you say? Well kids, not much. The turkey took it out of us. Ah no, to be honest I just got up there… that’s how flat out we’ve been. A lot of our time has been taken up with trying to take over the world. Wait till you see the new garage, it’s like the old garage but bigger and different. The original plans weren’t good enough so we ended up doing to those what I do on the dancefloor – tearing it up.

Great news! The stretch in the evening is almost back. As is the sun! I’m excited but my tanning salon isn’t.

Like that time I put a rocket on the back of a wheelchair, we’ve been ramping up the amount of work we’re doing amidst all this getting bigger-ness. We’ve got a de-seamed show stopping Mini in the pipeline, a Volkswagen Beetle Karmann convertible, a Mini convertible, a new MGA… basically there’s an endless list and with the bigger garage comes more projects.

So to answer your question as to whether we’ve been busy or not… Pfft! Is the Pope-Mobile Catholic? We’ll be delivering more this year than a maternity ward nine months after Valentine’s Day.

It’s almost show season as well so we’ll probably be off to the MG and Triumph show soon enough. I’m a bit rusty but hopefully we’ll be able to nab a few bargains… “Ssh ssh sshhhh… don’t look down, just take the 20. Say nothing to no one about nothing…”

I actually haven’t had time to update the site with all that we’ve done, and our marketing department are too busy sipping champagne and looking good in suits that they forgot to do it. Typical. I’ll get everything up to date on all the usual spots – le Facebook, el Instagram and this site.

But at least the lads in the garage are doing a bit. But not enough. Those lads think they can stroll in at 10 past 8 in the morning and head away at 9pm… are they joking like?

Hang on, I see one of them going to make tea. Is this just a job to him?

Listen I better let you go, I must deal with this spoofer. Don’t be surprised if you see an ad on site tomorrow looking for a new mechanic.

Mind ye’re selves, and enjoy Lent – take two on your new year’s resolutions.

Ahh Christmas! A time for giving and all that jazz, so here’s your Christmas Card. Listen, don’t be worrying about the cost of it now alright, I don’t want you being stressed. I’ve got the presents sorted for the lads in the garage. What did they get? I actually got them a really thoughtful present. A good strong pair of gloves. Orange ones. It’s thoughtful because when they head off for lunch on Christmas Day, they’ll have grand clean hands!

Its fierce damp out there, no drying to be honest. But in other news, it’s almost Christmas, Eve! Said Adam. And everyone knows what that means, the annual fellas on tour buying their presents. Big day coming up. BIG day.

Classic Car Restoration

The garage will nice and peaceful for the next few days. Peaceful because there’s a ban on the radio being on... flippin’ Christmas songs like. Phase 2 of the garage expansion is underway but I’m keeping details of that under wraps for another day or two. Just had a quick look outside there… still no sign of snow anyways. I suppose like a useless fisherman, we’re only codding ourselves thinking we’ll get a white Christmas.

Listen, I don’t have too much time now to be writing to you… there’s a dirty box Quality Street calling my name here, it would be rude to ignore it… and if there’s one thing I’m not, it’s rude. Mind yourselves, have an awful lovely Christmas, eat all of the food and enjoy the celebrations. As you’re eating olive the food, spare a thought for Olive, the other reindeer. Relegated to the reserve reindeer squad. Awful sad.

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