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Lads! How are all of the things? There’s a bit of nippiness in the air alright, safe to say that it’s so cold that you wouldn’t even find a degree out in this weather. Not one degree. There’s no degrees out. Long gone are the days of the suntan lotion… This tan?? Oh no no no, I’m actually naturally sallow…

Right, to the job at hand! I’m back to two hands now which is, in a word, handy. It was a footballing injury rather than a car crash as it seemed in the last blog post, thanks for all the Mass cards. What have we been up to? Sometimes I ask myself the same question, but then I realise it’s time for a coffee break. Would you believe it’s December? Tis the time for giving I suppose, so I said I’d give ye an update, because I’m sound and all that. Before I get stuck in, I must tell you about the trip!

MGB GT Cream interior


It was NCT time for one of the Mini’s and you’d think at this stage they’d have some idea about cars in there by now, but alas it was not to be!! I mean complaining that the bonnet doesn’t open from the inside and pulling on the wires under the dash is a joke. Not like my jokes, because my jokes are so cool they make snowmen look like puddles, but a joke all the same! Yera at the end of the day the car is tested but, can someone please teach them about older cars?!

I almost blacked out there trying to be serious, it not for me lads, not for me.

Anyways, back at the garage, plans are in place for a new office, complete with boardroom and drawing room. Seriously, all we’re missing now is to have a tv show… or at least a radio show! This face like.

We’ll be wrapping up the last of the cars that are here now and taking in a few more after Christmas. Don’t worry, the lads will get the hour or two off to have their Christmas dinners, I’m not that bad! WAIT!! Wrapping up… I made a joke and didn’t realise. Wrapping up. Christmas. Like wrapping presents… I’m too fast for myself now. Speaking of Christmas and wrapping, I have all the presents sorted. Lyons Garage Hoodies – simples.

Our marketing department (you’re impressed, I can tell), are working on a few more videos to come out over Christmas so keep your eyes like an orange. Peeled. Anyways, a picture is worth a 1000 words, no idea how much a 1000 words is worth though, but sure we’ll go with the flow and I’ll have some up on le Facebook, el Intstagram and a few new pages on the site for new builds. They’re more than decent. They’re right grand.

I must mush now and get back to it, I can neither confirm nor deny that there is a sleigh in the garage… Sure who’d need one of those like!

BREAKING NEWS! Quite literally some breaking news. I broke my humerus bone. The wall came out of nowhere and long story short there’s 2 metal plates and 14 screws. All obviously well rust treated, but as the old master would say “To work on car, you must become car”. I might have taken it too literally.

We said adios to the Renault and the white MG B Roadster at the weekend. Awful sad lads, awful sad. What’s worse is that we’ll be saying goodbye to the 1981 Mini (in blue) soon enough as well. They grow up so fast. BUT! That means more projects and an excuse to order in more parts. One word – bubble wrap. Yes, two words, but I’ve one hand so give me a break like.

With the career threatening injury (I’m not one for exaggerating…) the floodgates opened and many an episode of Overhaulin’ and Fast N Loud was watched. As a great man once said – “Great to see”. So, after being in no way influenced… We have a loverly Mini Shell and a loverly MG B Roadster shell that I’ve sketched up a few ideas for. The Mini will probably come first but there’s subtle modifications being made like countersunk petrol caps, custom rear lights….Look I’ve said too much. But you can have a look at one of the sketches below, luckily it was my bad hand that got injured so it didn’t affect my drawing skills.

We took a trip to Laois at the weekend, and just for something different we went to a car show. Lads. An indoor car show in Ireland – Genius. Seriously though, there needs to be more of these as all the big expensive cars come out to play. There was a McLaren. ‘Nuff said.

Actually, did you see the cinematic reveal for the 81 Mini? If not why not? It took months! You can have a shnakey look at it here on the YouTubes.

I think I just spotted one of the lads trying to head for an early lunch. Is he joking! This isn’t a holiday resort at all. The only time they’re allowed near the swimming pool is when they have to clean it for me. Lads listen I’ll have to sort this divil out, go on and mind yourselves, there’s walls out there that jump out of nowhere.

On a more serious note, if you’re interested in a Mini or MG that’s a little bit different get in touch, we’re on the phone or on the line anytime. (That was tough, I’m not suited to this being serious craic!)

Great talk. David over and out.

Jaysus lads you wouldn’t notice the time going by at all. Now it might have had something to do with the battery in the workshop clock being dead, but I like to think it’s because of all the hard work we’re doing… and not so much because of the fumes.

So in the garage and behind all the fumes… actually that nearly sounds like a great title for my next book – Lyons Garage Restoration: Behind The Fumes. Anyways, sorry, I’m easily distracted… We’ve been our traditional flat out here in the garage, borderline horizontal but not.

Mini Restoration

Oh wait! I just remembered what I wanted to tell ye about. Beaulieu! Pronounced like that children’s TV show about the snowman that used to be on Network 2, Bouli (Boo lee) or Bay loo depending on your level of pretend poshness.

Home to the National Car Museum, Beaulieu is also home to the International Autojumble with over 2000 stands and a reputation that says if you can’t find it there, it probably doesn’t exist. Like a flock of flies to a light bulb, you’ll find many the budding wheeler dealer complete with hat and catchphrases like “honestly, it’s my last 20” and the old time favourite, “you’ll take fifty… you will… ssh... don’t look down, just take it”. But there’s plenty of cars on display for people to drool over, and a classic car auction. I suppose if you pushed me to sum it up in a few words, knowing my usual level of detail in how I describe things, I’d probably say it was grand. Nay! Right grand.

The Renault is now sitting beautifully in a light blue paint… or low fat milk blue as I see it, constantly reminding me about that diet. But its ok, the sight of a few finished minis keeps me sane… ish.

There’s a couple of new projects on the way, from Minis to more exotic machines. Anyways this is only a short update as you really should be doing work. What about me? I’m grand! Sure I have slaves “employees” for that. Speaking of employees, I’m actually dying for a cup of tea…. “Lads, c’mere for a sec”…

I’ll let ye go, god bless the hard work. Work hard, don’t hardly work. Goodnight, goodbye good luck!

Things are not always black and white lads… unless you’re here in the garage with a white MGB Roadster and a black one! Speaking of white, with the amount of work being done here the tan is completely gone. Sad times. Actually did I tell you that the left side of one of the roadsters was fairly rusty and so had to be cut off? Don’t worry, its all right now.

Anyways enough jokes let’s be serious for a second.

Aaaand that’ll do! So we made it to the Terenure show at the start of the month. Some day out lads, some day…. Well it would have been if the sun could make up its mind, but sure you know I’m not one for complaining. Plenty of great cars on display and plenty of lovely people came up to look at the stand we had so thanks very much, like the Chinese, ye’re a great bunch of lads. There's a photo or two on le Facebook page.

White MGB Engine Bay

The Estate looks fierce well altogether, we’re just waiting on an order from Newton Commercial to come in and then we’ll have a car. In the meantime a few other Minis have come through the doors, one had a fuel and carburettor problem, basically the carb was being bold but that was soon sorted and the choke was on him…. Gettit? Choke? Joke? Listen if you don’t appreciate my jokes, Cronin’s shop around the corner sells grips – you’d want to get one.

I know I know, I’m an AWFUL divil for not updating the site with photos, but this week I promise. Or next. No no, ok this week! The World Cup kept me busy, was gutted for The Netherlands, but at least the final was a Klose game… unlike that Brazilian game. 7 nil – talk about Lahms to the slaughter.

I can’t be here all day dossing, there’s lunch to be eaten! I’ll throw up the photos on the site and keep an eye on the Facebook page… as is tradition.

All the best. Ok bye bye bye bye… No you hang up first. No you hang up first!

Light ‘em up like the fourth of July! With the Terenure car show on Sunday, that’s exactly what the garage has been like – lit up till all hours. Flat out you might say. Understatement of the year I might say.

With the Gone in 60 Seconds playlist on repeat here in the garage, plenty is getting done. Lots of blood sweat and tears. Not mine though, I’m more of a project manager… I’ve given the lads a few glasses of concrete… that should harden them up. Actually, the songs might be affecting one of the lads here though, he’s been muttering ‘Eleanor’ a lot and I’ve noticed a map with different cars lying around the place. Nothing to worry about Guard.

So we’ve got the flyers, banners, a tent, hair gel and we’re just waiting on the cars. But sure I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Leave it with me. Wink wink.

I didn’t know what date it was until I looked at the calendar, standard enough I suppose but to be fair the World Cup has taken over, hence why its taken a bit longer for a new blog. Its Columbia or The Netherlands for me Bill.

So the Morris Mini Traveller is looking like it might make an appearance at the show on Sunday, with maybe one or two shiny bits added to it, along with an MG or two. I honestly tried my best to have a few other models there, but they weren’t leaving bed for less than 10,000. Let me tell you, they might look light but they’re divils to throw out of your bed.

I’ll update this again after the weekend, hopefully with some pictures from Sunday and I’ll throw them up on el Instagram, le Facebook page and maybe even on the website. Maybe. Anyways, as great as it is chatting with you, some of us have work to do and I don’t mean to be rude… but come on like, get back in your car and head home!

All the best, and sure we might see you Sunday, it better not be raining! God bless Merica, yes we can, and I have a dream.

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