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Ahhh the long weekend. Longer than most weekends, but shorter than a week. Here in the garage, the guys appreciate how we try to be different from everyone else… that being said, they probably won’t appreciate working Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday. Don’t worry, they’ll be given plenty of coffee.

We’ve actually been flat out for the last couple of weeks, from MG’s to Renaults. Actually, I must apologise for the last blog,… In my excitement I may or may not have called it a 4L, when it’s a Renault 12. Look I panicked. My bad… Aaaand now we’ll move swiftly on. Lovely!

As we’re seeing with both an MGB Roadster and the Renault, there really is no such thing as a quick respray. You either do it right, or you might as well have stayed in bed. We have thrown photos up on the Facebook page of both cars so have a look right………….Here! I’m a bit behind on updating the website with photos, but I advertised my own personal car for sale, and I’m fairly sure I broke the internet with all the views it got. If you haven’t seen it…. Click here and here. Sound.

Tis the season of the car show! I’m like that world famous cow from that documentary – I’m over the moon! You know the documentary I’m on about, the dish ends up running away with the spoon? Keep up! Anyways, Mondello and Terenure are coming up soonly so plans are afoot. Or at hand. I don’t think any other body parts work well there… We’ll hopefully have a few cars on show, maybe even a stand… I don’t want to give too much away. If you want to know more…I’m a sucker for ice cream though… Just saying.

Holy fleeep, I do love Summer. Driving around, top down thumbs up. I’ve noticed lately on Done Deal that there’s plenty of convertibles turning up. Smart fellas with their timing… They know the secret – Top goes down, price goes up!

So that’s pretty much May done and dusted, there’s a garage being built, there’s cars being stripped, restored and rebuilt. Things are moving on nicely. Right lads, my work here is done for the day. On the website that is, BIG weekend ahead with plenty to do. I’ll be adding to website over the weekend with what cars, parts, tools and accessories we have for sale as well.

Anyways, I’ve been David, you’ve been wonderful, goodnight, goodbye, goodluck!

The diggers have dug, the trucks have trucked and the concrete has concreted. Yes apparently that’s a word, the little paper clip dude didn’t pull me up on it so you won’t have to either. The exciting times just got a whole lot more… exciting. Look I won’t lie, I got carried a little away and wrote excitinger first. But that should emphasise the excitement. If it doesn’t, clearly excitement just isn’t for you.

I know I said summer was my favourite day of the year, but this is becoming ridiculous. I’ve had to put the windows down in the car when I’m driving… for more than one day. We’re talking at least two days in a row. That’s outrageous carry on. Although, I’m, not really one for complaining.

While getting the traditional farmers tan at the weekend, I also managed to build a stone wall. Granted its more stone pile than stone wall, but to be honest its like I always say.

Anyways now that the lads have had their break… from mechanical work I mean, listen they know this isn’t a job, it’s a way of life, we need to get cracking on finishing the cars that are here as that concrete needs a few days to cure before we can throw up the new walls of the garage. One of the new cars we have in is a yellow Renault 4L, so I’ll put up some photos of that in the usual places, Facebook, Instagram and here on the site. Make sure you compliment the tan, cheers.

I’ve no car shows to tell you about this time, but I’ll try to make up for it and tell you something about our Mini Convertible. It’s probably going to be white. Or maybe not. I haven’t decided yet so I’ll have to get back to you. I have plenty of photos to put up of our alignment work on the rear doors of the Mini Traveller, and a few photos of some ridiculously well polished carburettors, everyone loves shiny things so that should easily distract you while we crack on!

Actually that reminds me, the Lyons Garages website got a ridiculous amount of visitors for April, which was a great day for us, the Parish and therefore the rest of the world. So to celebrate I’m DELIGHTED to announce that after months of research and testing, Eau du Petrol a fragrance by Lyons Garages is in the pipeline. We found that the diesel scent just wasn’t as appealing.

Now I’m no good at measuring crowds, but I’d say there’s at least seventeen million cars waiting to be restored and worked on here so…! Today the digger arrived in and that signals the start of the expansion of Lyons Garages. Exciting times people. EXCITING TIMES.

The stretch in the evenings has now been upgraded to “Grand”, and the drying out is fierce so its the perfect time to get some concrete down and make the main garage a bit bigger. Below you’ll see the preliminary sketch of the new garage.

Admittedly it’s a work in progress, but sure everyone knows that us engineers only make it up as we go along anyways. Trade secret. Keep the head down and say nothing to no one about nothing.

In the garage things will be slow this week because of the construction work that’s going on, so it gives the cars a chance to get used to their new parts that we’ve put in. On the Lyons Garage facebook page we’ve thrown up the odd photo or two of the Minis that are being built, as is the tradition so have a look and ye’ll see. Brand new brake pipes polished to within an inch of their lives bolted onto gloss black, glistening subframes using ridiculously shiny stainless steel nuts and bolts that even a magpie would lose its mind over… Poetic I know. I’d like to see James Joyce describe something better.

So this weekend, guess where we were! At a car show. I know! I’m as shocked as you are. This was the Practical Classics Restoration Show in the NEC in Birmingham. Its pronounced Biming-hum, the “r” is silent. I’ve been practicing my accents for tv.

It was funny that one of the main attractions at the show was a Silverstone car auction consisting mainly of….wait for it… barn finds! A couple of Aston Martins, Porsches, Pagodas and a very good MGA 1600 project car which sold for £3,000. To say I was barely gutted would be like saying Man United fans won’t be too disappointed if Liverpool actually win the League. Understatement of the year. Please god, not Liverpool. Or City. Amen.

We'll have photos up on Facebook and a few more on Instagram soonly. Unfortunately the photo of Ed China (you know, of Wheeler Dealers fame… seriously, where have you been?) signing for us is a bit too blurred so I can’t throw it up……yet. He was delighted with his Lyons Garage tshirt by the way.

So we packed up a jeep and brought home a good few parts and new tools for the current builds and for the workshop. I’m far too easily distracted by shiny things. Fortunately, customs aren’t.

This is only a short update as I just ran inside to refill my glass and get some more sun tan lotion. You need to take advantage of it while you can sure… We’ll keep you updated on how things are looking both inside and out of the garage, but for now, I must go… I seem to have misplaced my Ray Bans.

No matter how many times I watch Mr Myagi teach about painting up and down, wax on wax off, it still doesn’t prepare the body for the amount of sanding involved in a shell. A car shell, not a beach shell. It’s only Spring people, so head in the game please.

However! Rebuilding is now well underway on two minis, a custom green 1970 Mini, and a 1981 Mini 1000, and with the Mini Estate almost in a lovely shade of green, these three should be well on the way to being tested on our track on my personal favourite day of the year….Summer!

Mini Parts Restored

Our show Mini Convertible has taken a backseat to the other cars in the garage, but fear not, we have not been idle. If you could see the idea and plans that are afoot you’d be as excited… but I’m not showing you right now, so you’re going to have to wait. It’s a secret, sorry.

Now I know you love reading about who we’ve seen and what we’ve been up to (the page views don’t lie), so I have two words for you – Essen Car Show. Look Essen is a German word, not English so it doesn’t count here, so just keep reading and stop nit-picking.

Essen is the largest European Classic Car event (I was going to write world, but I’ve already written European so…) each year. The money, the cars, the tools, and the Blondes. We took lots of photos, a few will be thrown up here on our Instagram page, and more will be put up on the Lyons Garage Facebook page. The quality of the cars on display is second to none – rows of Minis, Astons, and Mercedes-Benz so expensive that your pocket actually emptied after walking past them. We picked up a few parts while we were there as well, yes we’re full time working. Anyways, have a look at the photos!

We have an MGB Roadster almost prepped for a re-spray as well so we'll get some photos up of that soon. We’re leaning towards a black metallic instead of gloss black, so for the few hours of sun it’ll get, it should sparkle like yer man from those Twilight films. I asked someone for that comparison, don’t judge.

We have a “barn find” Lambretta scooter that is looking like it may get restored. For those of you wondering what “barn find” actually means and why its so common, basically its where you have a car parked up for ages, it gathers dust and probably rust, but you’ve seen that these barn find cars make more money so you try to flog it as something that you accidentally stumbled upon while cleaning out your long lost uncle’s shed.

The waiting list for cars to come in is slowly growing, so the lads in the garage will be delighted to know that due it getting brighter, we’re extending the working hours. They don’t know yet though, I might have to tell them over tea. New branded overalls are on their way, so expect to see out pretty mugs in a few more photos from now on.

We survived April Fool’s Day yesterday, I don’t think anyone was going to fall for going to the shop for a packet of small holes again… I honestly thought they were washers. Anyways, its nearly time for lunch so I really can’t be dossing for that. I joke, I’ve been up since 7am, and have almost rebuilt a car – what have you done with your day?

We know we know, its taken too long to update this and you’ve struggled to survive and find some other ways to entertain yourselves… but here it is! Relax and enjoy!

Finally the weather is getting better and it’s getting brighter… the garage doors can stay open for longer than five minutes! Disappointing week on the Cheltenham front though... shouldn’t have tried to go for so many accumulators. There’s always one. Annie Power I’m looking at you!

So we headed to the RIAC National Classic Car Show in the RDS a couple of weekends ago, unfortunately our new slick stand wasn’t ready in time but we should be good to go for the summer. There were some incredibly valuable cars on display, from Rolls-Royces to a gorgeous Lamborghini Miura. It’s a pity that they are changing to be a bi-annual event after this year’s effort – the turnout was fantastic. You can check out some of the photos we took of the day right here. Unfortunately no real auto jumble worth talking about, but we’re looking forward to the upcoming Restoration Show in England.

At the garage it feels a bit like Christmas, writing out parts lists and still getting the same buzz from the opening the delivery boxes! We have three Minis nearing completion, with another few cars of various makes on the way, and some work on the garage itself, its going to be a very busy but fairly exciting couple of months ahead. Hopefully I’ll find some time to fit in a tan as well! Summer is my favourite day of the year in Ireland.

A 1981Mini 1000 has been added to our gallery showing its current restoration, so go have a look… you’ve come this far so you might as well! As always we’ll keep updating as we go.

We have a Morris Minor that has sat in our garage for years and years….and years, so its time that something was done with it. So equipped with a pen, notebook and coffee a parts list was drawn up. Expect some photos fairly soon!

We also said farewell to our Mini Sidewalk as it headed off on its journey to Galway. You can have a look at the finished photos here. Must find something to replace it now… I’ve been looking at a Ferarri 250 GTO kit based on a Porsche… Or else customising an MGB Roadster shell that we have…Hmm..

Must go, there really isn’t enough hours in the day.

Keep an eye on the LyonsGarages Facebook page, we’ll try and keep you entertained there while we slave away here in the garage and work on the next post!

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