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Introducing Mini Beans by Lyons Garages, our brand new coffee inspired by the stars of the Italian Job.

This is a 100% Arabica, Italian style coffee which is sweet and smooth, yet complex and deep with a satisfying body... Much like the Classic Mini.

Our blend combines honey-smooth Brazilian coffee with deep, distinctive Sumatra Mandheling. This Indonesian coffee is grown in rich, volcanic soil and is truly unique with its cedar notes, sweet tropical fruit aromatics and a richness that lingers on the palate.

Perfect as an americano but also ideal to mix deliciously with milk.

Strength: 3/5. Or in Mini terms, it's roughly a 1275cc engine.

Don't worry though, even though it's called Mini Beans, they're actually regular-sized whole coffee beans.

If you'd like your beans ground, simply send us a note when you receive your receipt!

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