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No matter how many times I watch Mr Myagi teach about painting up and down, wax on wax off, it still doesn’t prepare the body for the amount of sanding involved in a shell. A car shell, not a beach shell. It’s only Spring people, so head in the game please.

However! Rebuilding is now well underway on two minis, a custom green 1970 Mini, and a 1981 Mini 1000, and with the Mini Estate almost in a lovely shade of green, these three should be well on the way to being tested on our track on my personal favourite day of the year….Summer!

Mini Parts Restored

Our show Mini Convertible has taken a backseat to the other cars in the garage, but fear not, we have not been idle. If you could see the idea and plans that are afoot you’d be as excited… but I’m not showing you right now, so you’re going to have to wait. It’s a secret, sorry.

Now I know you love reading about who we’ve seen and what we’ve been up to (the page views don’t lie), so I have two words for you – Essen Car Show. Look Essen is a German word, not English so it doesn’t count here, so just keep reading and stop nit-picking.

Essen is the largest European Classic Car event (I was going to write world, but I’ve already written European so…) each year. The money, the cars, the tools, and the Blondes. We took lots of photos, a few will be thrown up here on our Instagram page, and more will be put up on the Lyons Garage Facebook page. The quality of the cars on display is second to none – rows of Minis, Astons, and Mercedes-Benz so expensive that your pocket actually emptied after walking past them. We picked up a few parts while we were there as well, yes we’re full time working. Anyways, have a look at the photos!

We have an MGB Roadster almost prepped for a re-spray as well so we'll get some photos up of that soon. We’re leaning towards a black metallic instead of gloss black, so for the few hours of sun it’ll get, it should sparkle like yer man from those Twilight films. I asked someone for that comparison, don’t judge.

We have a “barn find” Lambretta scooter that is looking like it may get restored. For those of you wondering what “barn find” actually means and why its so common, basically its where you have a car parked up for ages, it gathers dust and probably rust, but you’ve seen that these barn find cars make more money so you try to flog it as something that you accidentally stumbled upon while cleaning out your long lost uncle’s shed.

The waiting list for cars to come in is slowly growing, so the lads in the garage will be delighted to know that due it getting brighter, we’re extending the working hours. They don’t know yet though, I might have to tell them over tea. New branded overalls are on their way, so expect to see out pretty mugs in a few more photos from now on.

We survived April Fool’s Day yesterday, I don’t think anyone was going to fall for going to the shop for a packet of small holes again… I honestly thought they were washers. Anyways, its nearly time for lunch so I really can’t be dossing for that. I joke, I’ve been up since 7am, and have almost rebuilt a car – what have you done with your day?

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