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The diggers have dug, the trucks have trucked and the concrete has concreted. Yes apparently that’s a word, the little paper clip dude didn’t pull me up on it so you won’t have to either. The exciting times just got a whole lot more… exciting. Look I won’t lie, I got carried a little away and wrote excitinger first. But that should emphasise the excitement. If it doesn’t, clearly excitement just isn’t for you.

I know I said summer was my favourite day of the year, but this is becoming ridiculous. I’ve had to put the windows down in the car when I’m driving… for more than one day. We’re talking at least two days in a row. That’s outrageous carry on. Although, I’m, not really one for complaining.

While getting the traditional farmers tan at the weekend, I also managed to build a stone wall. Granted its more stone pile than stone wall, but to be honest its like I always say.

Anyways now that the lads have had their break… from mechanical work I mean, listen they know this isn’t a job, it’s a way of life, we need to get cracking on finishing the cars that are here as that concrete needs a few days to cure before we can throw up the new walls of the garage. One of the new cars we have in is a yellow Renault 4L, so I’ll put up some photos of that in the usual places, Facebook, Instagram and here on the site. Make sure you compliment the tan, cheers.

I’ve no car shows to tell you about this time, but I’ll try to make up for it and tell you something about our Mini Convertible. It’s probably going to be white. Or maybe not. I haven’t decided yet so I’ll have to get back to you. I have plenty of photos to put up of our alignment work on the rear doors of the Mini Traveller, and a few photos of some ridiculously well polished carburettors, everyone loves shiny things so that should easily distract you while we crack on!

Actually that reminds me, the Lyons Garages website got a ridiculous amount of visitors for April, which was a great day for us, the Parish and therefore the rest of the world. So to celebrate I’m DELIGHTED to announce that after months of research and testing, Eau du Petrol a fragrance by Lyons Garages is in the pipeline. We found that the diesel scent just wasn’t as appealing.

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