Ahhh the long weekend. Longer than most weekends, but shorter than a week. Here in the garage, the guys appreciate how we try to be different from everyone else… that being said, they probably won’t appreciate working Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday. Don’t worry, they’ll be given plenty of coffee.

We’ve actually been flat out for the last couple of weeks, from MG’s to Renaults. Actually, I must apologise for the last blog,… In my excitement I may or may not have called it a 4L, when it’s a Renault 12. Look I panicked. My bad… Aaaand now we’ll move swiftly on. Lovely!

As we’re seeing with both an MGB Roadster and the Renault, there really is no such thing as a quick respray. You either do it right, or you might as well have stayed in bed. We have thrown photos up on the Facebook page of both cars so have a look right………….Here! I’m a bit behind on updating the website with photos, but I advertised my own personal car for sale, and I’m fairly sure I broke the internet with all the views it got. If you haven’t seen it…. Click here and here. Sound.

Tis the season of the car show! I’m like that world famous cow from that documentary – I’m over the moon! You know the documentary I’m on about, the dish ends up running away with the spoon? Keep up! Anyways, Mondello and Terenure are coming up soonly so plans are afoot. Or at hand. I don’t think any other body parts work well there… We’ll hopefully have a few cars on show, maybe even a stand… I don’t want to give too much away. If you want to know more…I’m a sucker for ice cream though… Just saying.

Holy fleeep, I do love Summer. Driving around, top down thumbs up. I’ve noticed lately on Done Deal that there’s plenty of convertibles turning up. Smart fellas with their timing… They know the secret – Top goes down, price goes up!

So that’s pretty much May done and dusted, there’s a garage being built, there’s cars being stripped, restored and rebuilt. Things are moving on nicely. Right lads, my work here is done for the day. On the website that is, BIG weekend ahead with plenty to do. I’ll be adding to website over the weekend with what cars, parts, tools and accessories we have for sale as well.

Anyways, I’ve been David, you’ve been wonderful, goodnight, goodbye, goodluck!