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Jaysus lads you wouldn’t notice the time going by at all. Now it might have had something to do with the battery in the workshop clock being dead, but I like to think it’s because of all the hard work we’re doing… and not so much because of the fumes.

So in the garage and behind all the fumes… actually that nearly sounds like a great title for my next book – Lyons Garage Restoration: Behind The Fumes. Anyways, sorry, I’m easily distracted… We’ve been our traditional flat out here in the garage, borderline horizontal but not.

Mini Restoration

Oh wait! I just remembered what I wanted to tell ye about. Beaulieu! Pronounced like that children’s TV show about the snowman that used to be on Network 2, Bouli (Boo lee) or Bay loo depending on your level of pretend poshness.

Home to the National Car Museum, Beaulieu is also home to the International Autojumble with over 2000 stands and a reputation that says if you can’t find it there, it probably doesn’t exist. Like a flock of flies to a light bulb, you’ll find many the budding wheeler dealer complete with hat and catchphrases like “honestly, it’s my last 20” and the old time favourite, “you’ll take fifty… you will… ssh... don’t look down, just take it”. But there’s plenty of cars on display for people to drool over, and a classic car auction. I suppose if you pushed me to sum it up in a few words, knowing my usual level of detail in how I describe things, I’d probably say it was grand. Nay! Right grand.

The Renault is now sitting beautifully in a light blue paint… or low fat milk blue as I see it, constantly reminding me about that diet. But its ok, the sight of a few finished minis keeps me sane… ish.

There’s a couple of new projects on the way, from Minis to more exotic machines. Anyways this is only a short update as you really should be doing work. What about me? I’m grand! Sure I have slaves “employees” for that. Speaking of employees, I’m actually dying for a cup of tea…. “Lads, c’mere for a sec”…

I’ll let ye go, god bless the hard work. Work hard, don’t hardly work. Goodnight, goodbye good luck!

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