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The last couple of months have disappeared faster than my old fashioned cocktails. I’ll tell you what lads, it’s great to have a few fellas around to do all the work. Leaves me plenty of time to work on the important things… like my tan, and what car I’d like next.

I joke, I joke. Sure nothing would get done if I wasn’t here. Couldn’t leave the lads in the garage for a second. They’d be off making tea at 11am and then heading off for lunch at 1pm. They’re lucky I’m here to act as sheriff. Actually, you’re right, police jokes aren’t funny. I’ll give it arrest.

Anyways, thanks for coming, I suppose I better tell everyone what we’ve been up to! You’d nearly think we’ve gone off the radar because of the tax man or something. Ha. Ha. *cough

No, no. Everyone knows that we’re pretty much in exam season, so what better time was there to do some… tests! I know right? We were testing out new colours and designs for a few cars, but I promise I’ll give more on that later. Trust me, sure I never lie.

In the garage, things are looking well and the work is tipping 90. At times, it might have even tipped 92. We’ve got a red MGB Roadster shell awaiting some paint, thinking metallic red with a biscuit interior or metallic grey with a wine interior?

Plenty of minis just awaiting paint as well, as well as our own de-seamed mini. It’s going to have a sunroof, custom rear lights… we like subtle changes in design. Since you last visited a couple of MG’s have passed through, and even a convertible Mini. Busy times! As Spiderman’s Uncle Ben once said, “With bigger garage, comes great responsibility”.

Le Facebook page has been updated, and I remembered the password for el Intstagram so I threw up a picture or two. I won’t tell you how many, I’d only ruin the surprise.

I was asked what the busiest month of the year will be… I said “It’s gonna be May”. It’s like how boybands sing the word me. So that’s why it’s funny. Gettit? Gawd lads, if I have to explain all of my jokes.

Oh! Did I even tell ye about the new garage?! So we’ve now got dedicated areas for stripping out cars, bodywork, mechanical work, a new HUGE spray booth, polishing and area for rebuilding. The lads keep asking for a place to eat their lunch. They’re gas!

I’m keeping this short and sweet like a donkey’s gallop as we’re our traditional flat out here. But photos will keep going up as usual. Mind yourself there now, big few weeks ahead.

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