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I’ve run out of TV shows so I said I better write something to keep you updated on how things are looking in the garage! It's been a while so we've surely done a bit right? You're damn right son! If you saw the amount of Easter Eggs we got through... well, the amount I got through - the lads have to work like.
Apart from eggs, we’ve increased the workforce so things do be getting done. God bless the hard work and all that, but the busy-ness has definitely picked up. There’ll be no more dossing off home before 7pm… I might even have to chip in. Feck sake like!


Lyons Garages Restoration


It’s about time that Spring got here, I thought for ages it was just around the corner but it’s really only after appearing in the last couple of days. I know I definitely got so excited that I wet my plants.

A Triumph Spitfire arrived into the garage recently; the plans so far should make for a top top car. Progress has been made again on the de-seamed and customised Mini – it’s been tough to get time to work on it, but we’re hoping for a Summer reveal date pg. The plan is to have a decent stand in Terenure come the Summer… and sure if the cars aren’t finished we’ll call them works in progress wink wink.


MGA Engine


I was in the shop yesterday at lunch and I kept trying to buy one of those grocery dividers, but the lady at the till kept putting it back.

Let’s see, the roll call in the garage currently stands at three MG A Roadsters, three MG B Roadsters, three Minis, one Mini Estate, one Triumph Spitfire, one Jaguar MKII, one Austin Maxi, one white cat and one cup of tea that’s going cold…

So that’s lunch mates! Feel free to get in touch via Facebook, email, hello phone, pigeon... whatever! But for now I’m off. Say hi to the family for me.

As is tradish, you’ll find ALL of the social medias (you know – Facebook and Instagram) have been updated with some new photos, the website is next and then we’ll get cracking on LinkedIn so make sure to give us a sympathy follow. Thanks, you’re the best xoxo

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