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“What’s ET short for?”
“I thought it was because he had little legs no?”

Little hi little lo people, how have we all been? Did you notice our absence or did your heart grow fonder… or something like that. There’s only 4 sleeps to Christmas Day. Yes 4… who actually sleeps with the excitement on Christmas Eve? Madness.

Do you know why scuba divers roll backwards out of their boats? It’s genius really – if they rolled forward they would just fall into the boat.

Where are we on some cars I hear you say, well pals we’re not on them at all. That would damage the bodywork. But anyways, we’re saying bu-bye to a few more Minis over Christmas as the Dark Knight / Darth Vader all black Mini goes home and the green Mini Cooper heads off to fields yonder.

DID YOU SEE THE CANDY RED MAXI? I mean really. Just like the award winning farmer – we’re outstanding in our field.

We have Jag-wars, Fiat 500s (Luigi because he’s Italian. Also, the name Paul was taken), MGB Roadsters (different roadsters we swear, it’s hardly our fault that their best colour is Tartan Red?), might we have a Porsche on ruth? Who knows.


The plan is to have Christmas dinner as early as possible and get the most out of the daylight. It’s dark, damp and wet lately. No drying out there at all – sad. Now that I think of it, what’s the harm in having it on Christmas Eve and getting the lads into the workshop on Christmas Day? It would be nice and peaceful and they would fly through the work. Food for thought… will mull it over some wine later. Some mulled wine. For mulling.

Here’s an idea that you should not do to your friend’s car – don’t cable tie a harmonica near their fan and radiator because you and everyone else think that it’s hilarious. It is, but you shouldn’t do it.

Also, don’t connect your friend’s brake pedal to their hooter because you and everyone else think it’s hilarious. It’s not.
Well it is, but you know – it’s immature…

But for now I must be off! There’s a sleigh that needs to be out by the 23rd. It’s going candy apple red. My arms from buffing are looking buff. Boom, another pun. I feel under appreciated.

Merry Christmas ya filthy animal.

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