A piece from Classic Car Weekly:
... Yet 'Restoration' is one of the world's most ambiguous words, covering everything from some welding work and a budget respray to a comprehensive strip down and re-build.
A car's net worth need not preclude it from high-quality repairs, however, a non-specialist garage may hold a very different interpretation.
Many people are unaware that a quality restoration demands a considerable number of skilled man hours, and that balance must be established immediately between budget and the quality expectations. However, those who cannot resist low estimates risk entrusting the work to an ill-equipped outfit that is unable to attain a reasonable standard or even complete the work at all. Such false economy introduces a greater risk of customer disappointment.
“Around 5% of our work comes from picking up the pieces from other garages that have charged unrealistically low rates but have been able to complete the tasks, leaving owners out of pocket and with unfinished vehicles” Adam Dring, Classic and Vintage Restorations, Shropshire.
“Restoration should always be a partnership between owner and restore throughout the procedure, and constant trust and regular communication will prevent any issues from arising, especially after work is completed” David Barzilay, Classic Motor Cars.