C’mere. We must talk. Tea? Coffee? What do you mean bottled water? Get yourself a glass, there’s a tap over there.

So where was I… Ah yes, I said we need to talk. To be honest, I’ve already forgotten what I was going to say so we’re just going to have to wing it from here.

Last weekend we ventured to England. On the ferry, through Wales, down the road, around the corner, skirting by Southampton, and finally arriving in a place called Lyndhurst which is beside another place called Beaulieu. (Best of luck trying to pronounce that one pal).


Ford Capri in primer
Ford Capri in primer


Hang on, I’m just copying and pasting here… “the iconic and double-award winning International Autojumble; the biggest outdoor sale of motoring items this side of the Atlantic.

With over 2000 stands at this signature Beaulieu event, each one groaning with all kinds of vintage and classic motoring ephemera, it is often said “If you can’t find it at Beaulieu it doesn’t exist!”

The International Autojumble is regarded as the place to locate and purchase even the most elusive motoring parts, accessories, automobilia, literature, tools and clothing. There is something for everyone - and plenty of bargains to be had!”

Some spiel that. Motoring ephemera no less, now for you! Followed up by some classic British banter saying if you can’t find it, it doesn’t exist. Lol. Which means laugh out loud, and not lots of love. That was fairly awkward when I had to pass on news about a pet dying and then ending my message with LOL.

Any who, we went, we saw, we purchased and we saw some more. I’m sure you’ve been following our updates on the book (Facebook, but as we’re beyond cool we call it the book), so you’ll have seen the lunch based updates on the Capri and the Clubman, and you possibly even did see our ad looking for a few lucky people to come join us? You have? Good job. Now go tell your friends. Thanks ex oh.

While we were floating around Beau…. England, we called into the Bonham’s car auction. You can have a look at the results here: Clicky Clicky

You ready for some real talk? Buckle up. Now, we know that it’s pretty much a buyer’s market. Those who were more interested in profit than the cars themselves aren't the buying force they were a couple of years ago. So that means it’s perfect for enthusiasts who are still willing to buy the right car at the right price. Magic.

But, we soon discovered that a lot of cars didn’t seem to even be making their estimates. Lemme explain my research and findings to you real quick. Please note: All facts and figures are correct at time of going to print and were definitely not made up. I would never lie. Honest.


MGB Roadster engine bay
MGB Roadster engine bay


A 1996 Aston Martin DB7 coupé sold for a measly £13,491. A 1989 Ferrari Testarossa sold for £60,950 – that’s a car that commands upwards of 100,000. A 1959 MGA 1600 Roadster sold for £18,400. An Austin Healey… Ah, that’s probably enough explaining for now, you get the picture I’m trying to paint here. I’m a very talented artist, I know. Basically, cars were being sold for well below their estimate.

So that got us thinking, might it be that Brexit has finally hit the classic car market in the UK meaning that it could be an even better prospect to buy a classic from? Might people who invested in these cars be just trying to get out now at any price? Might it be time for tea? And is now the right time for us lucky people that are still part of the EU to take a look at buying a more upmarket marque?

Long story short, we’re going write up some pieces on which classics are worth looking into now. Why? Because we know our stuff when it comes to cars and we’d like to share this glorious knowledge with you. Knowing so much makes your head heavy, and my shoulders are tired enough from carrying the team in the garage.

I’d just like to say that this new writing project has nothing to do with the fact that I got a new laptop and the keyboard makes a lovely tippy tappy sound when I type. Nothing.

We’ll get some posts up shortly, so keep your oranges peeled. Look after yourself. Say hi to the family for me.

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