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As I sat down this morning to write an update on the garage, I thought to myself “This can wait”.

But that was last week, and now that it’s too hot to be doing any sort of manual labour, there probably isn’t a better time to write a few words in my lovely air-conditioned office.

And so, here we all are.

Well not all of us, the boys are flat out dripping in sweat to finish some cars, I had to go make coffee. Iced. With some maple syrup.

Following on from last month’s entry where I ran through the minutes of our “Q2 with a view towards Q3 and beyond” and “Garage Owner’s Address To Stakeholders – GOATS” meetings, we’ve had to keep our heads quite low. Not because we’ve grown taller, but mainly because of comments like “You never mentioned my car”, and “Hello, this is the Revenue”. (Please note: payments will now be strictly taken in cash for the remainder of the year).

While I’m stirring the ice in my iced maple syrup flat white, I got to thinking… Isn’t it strange how the word ‘muffins’ backward is exactly what you want to do when you take them out of the oven?

Recently we’ve been hearing a lot about C02 emissions, the environment, and how we need to move towards alternative fuels. Well after waiting eight and a half hours for an EV to charge just so I could make my weekly hair appointment, I decided it was time to make a stand.

We here in the world’s greatest car restoration garage pledge and do solemnly swear to continue the tradition of putting these classic fuel-guzzling beauties back on the road, silently raising a finger to EVs.

I joke. They’re grand cars really, but I fear for future generations when they’re playing with their toy cars. “Check out my new toy car, it sounds like this – hummmmmmm”. “Oh nice, that sounds fast! Must be at least a 64kWh battery?”

MGB Grille
Just working on some MGB grill ideas...

Anywho, onto more important matters! Soon it will be the moment I’ve all been waiting for – the unveiling of a black MGB Roadster with our new signature ghost stripe which has been placed like a good penalty, straight down the middle.

But what else has happened, I can hear you screaming at your laptop / phone / tablet / cat. Great questions as always, looks like you’re not just a pretty face. Well, we’ve pretty much finished a Toyota Celica, a green MGB Roadster, and work has started on an MGA Roaster. Which means that with space appearing, we’ll have a Toyota Twin Cam rolling into the workshop shortly. Actually, it’s a shell, so the boys might have to carry it. I’ll keep watch. Show them where to put it. I’m good like that.

To be fair though, I did try to buy the guys some ice cream yesterday. “Can I get a 99 please?” “Hundreds and thousands?” “No, just one please”.

Ok, that’ll have to do for today. It’s a shame to be stuck inside and not be topping up my tan on a day like today. Y’all be good now, pedal safe and all that. Oh and if you fancy joining us, learning some things and building some awesome machines, click here: Careers

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