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What day is it?

Quarantine is such a strange time… I’ve started making a “Where’s Wally” audiobook: Dog. Guy in top hat. Gymnast. Guy in red/white striped shirt (not Wally). Surfer dude. Wally. Cat.

To be honest, I needed something to do after I gave up reading in Braille. I realised I couldn’t handle the constant feeling that something terrible was about to happen when I was reading a horror book.

I suppose now that the country is pretty much shut down, we can focus on some of our own car projects that we’ve left idle for a while. (There’s one car pun, whip out the calculator Pal Pacino to keep track, there may be at least two in this post).

Oh! Just a quick note to say that even if you’re within the 2km of us, you can feck off and stay away because we still won't be taking any visitors to the workshop until this all blows over. You'll still get us on the phone, email, pigeon and by smoke signals as is the tradition. Make sure you disinfect the phone beforehand though, you never know.

Unless you're coming with money that is, then just leave the duffel bag at the door aaand... Walk. Slowly. Away.

Anyway, stay safe, wash your hands, listen to all the real advice and don't be too gullible with those dodgy forwarded on WhatsApp messages. Now that that's all sorted we can get back to our regular scheduled programme. Time for a coffee. Iced as is the tradition.

Ps. I won't lie, we've watched I Am Legend a few times just to be extra safe. Who are we to say it’s not a documentary about this pandemic?

Ok, enough procrastinating, we all know you’re only here to be nosy and to see what we’ve been at. Well I’ll tell you - We’ve been stock piling petrol and plan on selling it on when the price goes back up. Just a reminder that for more money making schemes, my book “Feet Up and Rolling In It” is available in all good back alley second hand shops now.

To be honest, we’ve been pretty busy. Which is great! Everyone has clearly reached the ‘cleaning out the shed’ stage of quarantine and remembering they have a classic hiding under a cover that could do with a lil sum sum from the LG crew.

It’s been so quiet and lonely since we sent the guys home with lego car kits to work on during the lockdown…. Please keep calling us to tell us about your car… Please.

The Morris Minor is slowly coming together, the VTec Mini has left us for a little while, and the Jaguar MkII is coming along nicely. That’s Mark Two. It’s like when you’re talking about a son called Mark whose father also happens to be called Mark. As an avid fan and follower you’ve probably seen some of the photos of the Jag engine being rebuilt and clicked like yeah? I thought so. God bless.

Work has slowed down on some cars, because obviously. We don’t really need to explain why do we? So we made a new vapour blasting cabinet (I know, I know, impressive right?) and have been cleaning and polishing every part we can get our hands on.

We’re buffing the body of an MG B, and then attention will move to rebuilding the engine of a Lambretta scooter. Two seaters and scooters will be the way forward if social distancing stays around for a while. You heard it here first. Then I suppose we’ll make the garage look even more impressive… but look, that update will have to do. I’ve paused ‘Contagion’ on Netflix for far too long at this stage so I’ll have to restart it now.

As you probably have a lot of free time to think about your own classic car, or you’re thinking of getting one and having it turned into a work of art, feel free to get in touch! We’ll get the ball rolling and get you on the prestigious Lyons Garages list.

Also, if you are thinking of selling a valuable classic car and don’t know its true value, we’ll make you a cheap offer and take it off your hands. We’re very sound like that.

As always, you’ll get the latest snaps on Facebook and Instagram. Feel free to send us a message and throw us the odd sympathy like. It means a lot and you never know, it might even help us achieve our dream of becoming famous influencers.

And finally, let us say that as the world’s greatest sports car restoration team here in the Malibu of Ireland, we welcome your feedback. We don’t take it, but we welcome it all the same.

Enjoy the rest of the week broteins.

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