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The Blog

It's been a fairly busy start to 2014 here in the garage, although we did manage to take one weekend off to head over on the ferry to go to the British Mini Club's Mini Fair in Bingley Hall, Staffordshire. A 2am ferry crossing on a Sunday morning, oh the dedication..

Its a huge show, with a massive trade area with every part imaginable available for the mini. There was plenty of good deals to be found as well... a nod and a wink and "Don't look down boss, don't look down" ensured that we came home with a full Jeep. Its actually a great show to get ideas for different Mini builds, especially for our upcoming Convertible Mini

Back at the garage, we're flat out doing metal work and getting the others into paint, but we're almost at the best part with them - the rebuilding. There's nothing better than putting brand new/refurbished parts into a freshly painted bodyshell! We'll have some new photos up by the weekend. 

Our own MGA is slowly moving along as well but the Mini's have taken priority for the moment. The 96 Sidewalk is getting prepped for sale at the minute, so if you fancy a limited edition Mini, give us a shout!

In news that is a little bit sad, our beloved MGB Roadster may be moving to a new home. But hopefully it's replacement will be just as impressive, if not more so!

As you can see, the website is now pretty much up and running and better than ever, we do have a good few new photos to put up for each of the cars, as well as adding a few more cars. The big news though is that The Shop is filling up nicely. They guys in the workshop will be looking slick! 

Tea break now over, must brave the rain and get back to the garage...

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Here we go...!!

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